Our Fine Chocolate

What makes our chocolate such a delight


We create our chocolate using the finest ingredients, nationally sourced whenever possible. It is the superior quality of our ingredients that challenges us to search for the perfect harmony between flavours, textures and sensations for what is beginning to be known as the Annobon taste.

Our recipes are carefully tested and tweaked until the point where we are confident it stands to our quality and taste standards. Our chocolatier, Leonor Ranito, studied in the world reknowned Chocolate Academy of Barry-Callebaut so that our chocolate is made with the best techniques and the know-how shared by the best chocolatiers of the world.

Only that way, we know that our unique creations will inspire you in a luscious and delicious journey across the senses into the world of Fine Chocolate.

Perhaps that's why the Evasões Magazine considered us one of the best Portuguese Craft Chocolate. You can view this news and others in our page Noticias or clicking here.


Our Creations



Venezuela, Ghana (milk choc.), Mexico, Madagascar, Cuba, Brazil and Dominican Republic

Dark chocolate tablets made with cocoa from a specific country or region and a selection of varieties grown in limited quantities that reflect the personality and natural characteristics of each region.


Salt Flower, Cranberries, São Tomé 70% & Nibs, Madagascar Pink Pepper and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Chocolate tablets where we add the products and ingredients in pieces and with that we invite you to appreciate virtuous harmonizations.

The Salt Flower is from Castro Marim (Algarve) and the hazelnut from the milk chocolate is called Grada de Viseu (Center Zone of Portugal)




Port Wine, Salt Flower and Raspberry

Our Truffles are all handmade, using selections of premium chocolate with different percentages of cocoa, using natural products, preferentially national. This option allows us to present Truffles with a shelf life of 4.5 months, guaranteeing intensity and freshness in the flavors.
We sell this product in boxes of 9 and 18 truffles.


Mendiants, Orange & Chocolate and Mini Tablets

Packages / bags with chocolate squares and other ingredients; Nuts, Orange with Chocolate and Mini Tablets.

Ideal as a snack to enjoy with a coffee or a drink.



Chocolate and Wine - The best of two worlds

Truffles and Wine

While tasting, let the chocolate melt on top of your tongue. Try to identify all the flavours and all the different moments the chocolate can give. Then sip a little bit of wine. Enjoy the contrasting feelings, the closeness of sensations and try to feel where the common points end and the experience begins.

Chocolate Tablets and Port Wine

Cranberries + Port Ruby


Nibs + Vintage


Salt Flower + LBV



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